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Saturday, May 30, 2009

What an opportunity...

So here I am, a recent college graduate, working retail. Everyone is desperately trying to find a job and the market is just horrible. And I'm not really ready to find a job job.... Out of what seemed to be complete chance, I had heard from one of my professors that a former Fireflies Ashram employee was looking for help on a new project.

John was an enigma because I never knew him. Some of the India '08 group knew him. A cultural, respected person who was open to answering ignorant American questions. Turns out, this humble enigma is also the director of Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, a not-for-profit NGO located in Bangalore, India.

"To engage and empower children, youth, men and women to sustain communities, cultures and societies while promoting improvement in their social, economic and environmental conditions through the notion of human responsibilities."
That is what I will be living to do.

Also happens to be the mission of GCSD, but that is for another time.

So I will be voluntarily assisting the organization as Assistant Coordinator of GCSD - WE BUILD project, an alternative summer study abroad program for all college students. Currently we're looking for schools interested in the program, and we offer a diverse faculty and the possibility for college credits to be offered to the students.

But I'm not here to advertise just yet. It looks like this is going to be fun. It looks like its going to be hard work too. The project goes until September 2010.

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