Thursday, August 13, 2009


Thought you guys might like to see these two things....

This is a man working on a telephone/electrical line outside my hotel window. I noticed him because as I was watching TV I heard a loud crash, and then the power went out. Notice all his fancy equipment. If you look closely, he simply has looped a rope around his waist and the telephone pole to support himself. And only using a single pair of pliers. Also, he is barefoot. Only in India.

This, my friends, is a setting on my phone. Now I have a list of religions to hear prayers from.... I believe this is part of most Indian phones and you can set it to go off at a certain time, on any day of the week. It shows a wallpaper picture of your chosen god, and plays a little repetitive prayer loop.

For instance, the Christian one shows a big picture of Jesus and says "Hallelujah" over and over until you turn it off.

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. I hope it makes some of you chuckle as well. But the reality of the situation that religiosity as well as spirituality is so ingrained in this country it's everywhere... even in the phones.



  1. Hi Norman,
    Enjoyed your learning experience regarding your guy on on the telephone pole. Our experience in Africa was similar. Third world people seem to have a lower regard for safety.
    Also, I mentioned to you I was forwarding your blogs to residents in the Village.
    Here is a typical response.
    Hi Norm,
    I'm really enjoying your grandson's "travellog". He certainly is
    adventurous and writes so well
    that we can envison his alien Indian surroundings. How he can manage
    to put down in such
    detail all of his impressiions in the limited time he must have to
    write remains a big mystery
    to me.I hope things continue to go well for him (or at least under his
    control) and that he will
    continue to communicate with his family. Who knows, perhaps he will be a famous published author some day.
    Thanks for permitting me to share his adventures.

    Love, G & G

  2. I want that phone!!!!!!!!
    Love Mom