Sunday, August 9, 2009


Okay, well two things: I left my USB Thumb Drive in New Jalpaiguri. And the internet places here in Kochi, Kerala, won't let me plug in my computer. So... all my writing from the train ride on - which I have been meaning to post - is stuck on my laptop. Hopefully tomorrow I will find a thumb drive. Otherwise, be prepared for a mass of posts one day when I get back to Johns.

Whose apartment I was luckily able to see, and it was beautiful. I can't wait to move in, buy fresh vegetables and cook. Loads of fun. Whoever is in Bangalore better come over for dinner....

What we did over the past couple days:

TOURIST STUFF. Not the most fun time doing touristy stuff, but I guess it has to happen. I'll describe the snake boat races in deeper detail later, but basically what they are is a giant picnic/party all day on the boats (which are back to back so you can leap from one to another), where we wait for the snake boats to reach the finish line. Seeing them row though was amazing.

After, we left a little early (not knowing enough about the teams to care, but just there to see the spectacle) and stopped at John's distant uncle's beautiful resort. There we played 5 v 5 Water polo in the pool in the lake. Yes... the pool was in the middle of a lake. Odd, but magnificent. That was by far the most fun I've had in the past couple days.

Today we drove around Jew Town, saw the oldest synagogue in India, and saw a lot of Fort Kochi. And now, I am alone again, preparing for tomorrow.

A couple notes:

1. Grandma and Grandpa - sorry for the delay! To answer your questions....
a) The language of Bangalore is Kannada, which I hope to learn. Most of the North speaks Hindi, but the four major southern states all speak their native tongue, or a very bad form of Hindi. Bangalore though, being the silicon valley and a major city, speaks a lot of English. But John said learning Kannada will be good for going into the villages... so I'm going to try.
b) The horrible things in Bakhim... Check the long trek post about the horrible things in Bakhim for a better description, but more or less the story was that some girls had stayed there, were taken advantage of - more literally, raped - and so appalled with the situation decided to hang themselves in their rooms. I believe it's been closed ever since. I can't even begin to imagine the emotions the two of them went through.
c) Punks: little kids who were being annoying and cocky and (fault on my part) I didn't want to put up with them today and my emotions got the best of me. Thus why I called them punks. If I didn't let my emotions get the best then I would just call them little kids, because, after all, that's all they were being. Or that's all they knew how to be, they did nothing wrong.

Ah ha! I have found my camera on me... perhaps I can post some pictures! I'll post it right after this one if I can. They will be various pictures of the past couple days... some snake boat pictures, Kerala, etc.

The last comment I wanted to say is a big thanks. To everyone! My parents, grandparents, family, friends... for all the support. I have been writing, and feeling good about doing it soon after they happen, but that is all person stuff! As Charles Taylor claims - all our relationships are dialogical relationships. Basically: We wouldn't have our selves, or the identity of our self, without others. You guys. So thank you!!!!! I really appreciate it and it means a lot. I'll try and keep you entertained.

Now though, onto my next adventure! However, I can't tell you what it is, but will tell you all about it when it is complete. I'm close to saying if it is completed, but I'll stick with confidence and say when.

More soon.

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  1. Hi Norman,
    You have a small following in the Village. I copy and paste your blogs onto e-mails and send them to our friends. I do it selectively i.e I send them one and if they come back and say they enjoyed it I send them more. It's easier than trying to introduce them to the Blogs.
    We liked your pictures and we are looking forward to your next Blogs.
    Thanks for answering our questions.
    Your comment Onto my next adventure! However I can't tell you what it is will keep alot of people on edge and certainly waiting with interest.