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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pictures of Bangalore and Savandurga

Paul and I at the Nandi temple on the top of Savan Durga, the second biggest monolithic rock in the world.
A view from the top
Just to show you how windy it got at the top... standing was a challenge
Leopard marks on a tree. You can see the scratches on the right and left side of the branch.
Roots growing through rocks... and we think rocks are tough....

Climbing down a rock wall using these conveniently placed roots. The only precarious thing was some of them were rotten, so falling 24 feet onto rocks would have hurt.

The view from the ruins where we camped for the night
Myself, Siri, Paul and Gowri at 3am because it was too cold to sleep. Who would have thought that it could get too cold near Bangalore

An insane tree on Savan Durga

A tree growing amongst the rocks. The first one you can see me crouching amongst the vines on the right hand side, and the bottom one is me looking up at Gowri.


  1. Hi Norm,
    As you know I'm working on my picture making skills but I must say you are way ahead of me already.
    I loved all the pictures but especially the ones of the insects and flowers.
    I'm sure between you and your father you are doing a good job of capturing them for future use.