Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work has begun!

So just this morning at 6am I arrived home from an overnight bus trip from Pondicherry on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu. I will post all about the wonderful city soon. From it's French quarters, to the beaches and rough waves, to the nearly falling apart dock that we climbed on (and got kicked off of). It was great!

But in the mean time, I am back in Bangalore, work has begun! And I'm looking for YOUR contribution (no, not money!)

At Global Citizens for Sustainable Development, we could use any and all stories that people have concerning their travel experience. The theme? The importance of Global Citizenship. What does it mean to you? We are trying to create a platform for connecting the importance of Global Citizenship and development that will be sustainable. That's one of my many current projects.

So if you are just sitting around, and have nothing to do, why not write a paragraph or two? Anything would help, from a sentence, to a whole page....

In the past, we've been quite nationalistic. And we all love our home countries, of course. But modern times calls for modern changes... and with travel and communication making it easier to connect, it's apparent that we are becoming more global citizens than national citizens. How do you feel about this? Will this way of thinking help to push people to think globally and act locally?

If you would like to contribute, please e-mail me at:

I look forward to your responses... and wait for mine... more blogs soon!

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