Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama response 2: Brother Michael

My first reaction was: what did he do to deserve this? Then I realized that I don't REALLY know what anyone has to do to get the Nobel Peace Prize...I can name a few of he past recipients but I was still kind of unclear on the matter. So I did a little research.

After looking a little more closely at the Nobel Peace Prize and what it is generally awarded for I think giving it to Obama is a little premature. The article you attached even says it
"me of which the president has sought to overturn. Mr. Obama made repairing the fractured relations between the United States and the rest of the world a major theme of his campaign for the presidency. Since taking office as president he has pursued a range of policies intended to fulfill that goal. He has vowed to pursue a world without nuclear weapons, as he did in a speech in Prague earlier this year; reached out to the Muslim world, delivering a major speech in Cairo in June; and sought to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. "

Everything is "sought to..plans to... etc" He has been in office 9 months and I don't think he has done anything worthy of the prize. In 5, 10 years? Yea, if all of his plans work he could definitely be a worthy recipient.

With that said, I think giving the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama is one of the best decisions the committee could have made. Even though Obama does not fit the right criteria for the prize, giving him the prize has changed everything about his position. The committee has now placed him up on a pedestal as a model of peace. Now, when he is out pursueing to do something, planning etc it is not the United States getting involved in other people's business, it is a Nobel Peace Prize winner trying to spread peace throughout the world. The opinion of the American Public really doesn't matter on this one. What is more important is the reaction of citizens of other countries. The U.S. isn't exactly portrayed in a good light around the world, but now we're lead by Nobel Peace Prize winner, so all of our intentions MUST be good!

Wether people recognize it or not, Obama is now a different person in the back of their minds, they have changed his label in society so he is not just the President of the United States, he is a leader striving only for peace and flowers and cupcakes.

Long story short: It was a good decision, and will help our country with international relations in ways that people don't fully realize right now.
I could probably keep going, but I tried to keep it short.

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