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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A video

Hey everyone, here's another video for you all to see. It's of some Buddhist Drummers in a temple in Kandy, Sri Lanka. This temple, located next to Kandy's main lake is called the "Temple of the Tooth". Legend has it that after Gautama the Buddha was cremated, a spirit came and took his tooth before it was burnt. Through a series of politics, mythological legends, and outraged kings, the tooth ended up in this temple in Sri Lanka. It is now revered as one of Buddhism's holiest temples in all of Asia, and many pilgrims travel here to view the sight.

When I had a chance at prayer time to sit outside the door where the tooth is located, I was disappointed. The door opened, and at the end of a long hallway sat a silver, shiny statue. I imagine it was a statue of Buddha but it was too hard to discern from how far away I was. In side that, the tooth is supposedly located. Although this reminds me of Churches in Europe that supposedly house the wood from the very cross that Jesus was crucified on.

They all seem holy and important until I learned about this littler rumor: Apparently you could take all those "holy" pieces of wood and make enough church steeples to cover Rome. Or that's the rumor.

Here's the video:

Here's also a small legend about the lake in Kandy. It is a man-made lake, dug hundreds of years ago either right before or while the British occupied Sri Lanka. During the time that the King in charge wanted the lake dug, politicians, noblemen and other people of influence in the area fervently argued the king to not construct the lake. What did he do? Right in the middle of the dig site he put a bunch of poles and put their heads on the poles to remind everyone of one thing: Don't. Mess. With. Me.

The lake is now the center point in the town of Kandy and many things revolve around the lake. Supposedly divers went down and the poles were still stuck in the mud.


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