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Monday, December 7, 2009

A (home-made) American Dinner in Bangalore

Half a Kilo of minced beef - Rs. 60
400 grams of Bacon - Rs. 150
Potato Rolls - Rs. 3 each
Frozen French Fries - Rs. 35
Cheese - Rs. 40

What a dinner it was - here's how it was made:

First, in a small wok with oil the onions were caramalized.

Then in a frying pan, the bacon was cooked (the smell was unbelievably delicious on it's own).

The bacon fat and onion oil was then combined back in the wok. Once heated, the fries were deep-fried in this fat/oil solution.

Back in the frying pan, the two heaps of meat were placed on the hot surface. Mmmmm.

The conclusion:

Two Bacon-Onion Cheese Burgers topped with ketchup with McDonald's tasting fries on the side. From this meal, I'm convinced McDonalds fries their fries in bacon/animal fat.

The better conclusion:

The next day BECs (Bacon-Egg-Cheese) were made.

Even better conclusions:

I still have meat and bacon left over. Oh it's gonna be a good week before leaving for Sri Lanka on Thursday.....

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