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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Indian Wedding

Well a week or two ago I had the fortune of attending an Indian wedding. However, I think videos and pictures will do more of a justice as to how it went. 2000 people I don't think showed up... but it was exciting none the less.

Here's the link:

Throwing rice seems like a world-wide wedding tradition.....

Mmm, Wedding Lunch. This wasn't all, we still needed the heap of rice.

Serving us our plates. For so many people, they were way more efficient than I expected.

In between meals.

Vats of Rice.

A child trying to squeeze through the people.

The ceremonial pouring coconut milk over the bride and groom's hands. Money helps too.

Offerings, all part of the ceremony and blessings.

Kiran! A worker from fireflies - it was his sister's wedding.

Hey look, it's Kiran!

Kiran's sister and her husband.

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